IN NEW LAYOUT (in line with cycling and hiking guide).
... but with largely the same content as the old guide

Via Claudia Augusta car, camper, bus, ... "Altinate" + "Padana".
Guiding thread for a successful voyage of discovery
+ customized GPS track here on the site
Danube - Fernpass - Reschenpass - Trento
Variant "Altinate": - Feltre - Altino near Venice
Variant "Padana": - Rovereto - Verona - Ostiglia on the river Po
On the tracks of the several 1000 years old road
over the Alps across Europe
On picturesque country roads and romantic pass roads

Maps 1:50.000

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ECONOMY (maps in color, practical spiral binding)   
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E-BOOK (all maps and illustrations in color)   
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