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Via Claudia Augusta "Padana"

"Verona Romana" von Luciano Padovani, ein Werk der Wanderausstellung "Incontri D'Arte" entlang der Via Claudia Augusta

Here you will find cultural similarities and special features of the places and regions along the Via Claudia Augusta, between the Danube and the Po Valley: cultural landscapes, people who have left their cultural mark on the areas and what they have left us in terms of cultural assets, but also current cultural creativity. Some of this can also be experienced on site.

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 32p Vallagarina Nord

The north of the Vallagarina
between Trento
and Rovereto

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Paris Count of Londron (Paride Lodron) was Archbishop of Salzburg during the Thirty Years' War and with clever politics prevented the diocese from being drawn into the destructive war. He was born at Noarna Castle in Villalagarina.

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 33p Rovereto

City of Velvet and Peace:

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Die Mozart Route Stadtrundgang Trentino
Stadtrundgang Trentino
Kunst und Kultur
bambini Mozart
Foto Macelleria Zenatti
Mart Rovereto
Mart Rovereto
Mart Rovereto
Mart Rovereto
Mozart in Italia Rovereto
Palazzo Todeschi
Pasticceria Zaffiro
Pasticceria Zaffiro
Pasticceria Zaffiro
Ricardo Zondanai
Settenovecento Logo
Settimana Mozartiana
Settimana Mozartiana
Settimana Mozartiana Cello
Settimana Mozartiana Quartetto Nostitz
spettacolo Zandonai
Teatro Zandonai
Teatro Zandonai
Teatro Zandonai
Teatro Zandonai
Teatro Zandonai
Teatro Zandonai
Trio Broz Rovereto
Zaffiro visitrovereto
City of modern and contemporary art

The MART (Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto) makes Rovereto an internationally important centre of modern art. Among other things, the museum houses the most important collection of futuristic art in Italy and is also a relevant research centre. Besides the MART there is also the Casa D'Arte Futurista Depero.

Rovereto and Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was repeatedly a guest in the Vallagarina. In memory of this, much of the region's music revolves around him and his musical work. Rovereto is part of the association "Mozart Italia" and its initiatives. A festival week takes place regularly. Several organisations and also the current musicians are concerned with Mozart: e.g. the Trio Broz, the Associazione WAM, the Riccardo Zandonai International Study Centre, the Historical Piano Museum in Ala and the city of Ala in general.

Riccardo Zandonai

The composer Riccardo Zandonai from Rovereto was a very successful composer during his lifetime. He was almost on a par with Puccini and composed 11 operas. Unfortunately, he quickly fell into oblivion after his death. The most famous of his operas are Francesca da Rimini after Gabriele D'Annuzio's Tragedy and Guiletta e Romeo after a libretto by Arturo Rossato. Zandonai also created 3 symphonies, concertos and a requiem. His home town has named the international study centre Riccardo Zandonai and the Teatro Zandonai after him.


With Don Antonio Rossaro (1883 - 1952) and Girolamo Tartarotti, two renowned literary figures from Rovereto. After the latter the city library is named "Biblioteca Civica Tartarotti". In addition to the latter, the Accademia degli Agiati also deals with literature in the silk city.

Theatre, music and art

The Zondanai Theatre in Rovereto is worth seeing on its own and offers a wide range of events for almost every taste: theatre, musicals, concerts, ...

Several museums in the city present and explain the art history of the region.

Cultural meetings

People interested in culture meet and can best be found at the Teatro Zandonai, the Tartarotti City Library, the Accademia degli Agiati or in several bookshops in the city.

The most famous son of the area in the Middle Ages was probably the general Guglielmo di Castelbarco.
The barons Todeschi brought the Mozarts to Rovereto several times. 
The city library is after Girolamo Tartarotti. He was a theologian, historian and literary man.
The poet and writer Bianca Laura Saibante Vannetti is also considered to be a co-founder of the Accademia Agiati in Rovereto.
An order was founded in Rovereto. The Rosminiani are named after the cleric and philosopher Son Antonio Romini. 
The two renowned archaeologists Paolo Orsi and Federico Halbherr did research mainly in southern Italy.
Fabio Filzi and Damino Chiesa are among the most famous irrendists.
Together with Marinetti, Fortunato Depero is considered the founder of Futurism. The MART in Rovereto today houses the most important collection of Futurism in Italy. 
Don Antonio Rossaro and Father Eusebio Jori are the fathers of the peace bell of Rovereto, the Campana dei Caduti.
Riccardo Zandonai was almost on a par with Puccini during his lifetime. A study centre and the municipal theatre are named after him.
Although the architects Mario Botta and Giulio Andreolli are not from Rovereto, they have had a significant influence on the city with their planned MART. 

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 34p Vallagarina Süd

The southern Trentino Vallagarina
Border and connecting country

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 35p Vallagarina Veronese

The Veronese Vallagarina
until the
Rivoli Veronese

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 36p Garda Veronese

Rivoli Veronese and
the famous Garda Lake

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 37p Valpolicella


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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 38p Verona

Historical centre
before the Alps

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 39p Pianura Padana

The Pianura Padana
The garden
of Italy

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 40p Po

Ancient river port in the
Country of Risotto

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