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The association Via Claudia Augusta Bavariae e. V. informs

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The board of the Via Claudia Augusta Bavariae e. V.

Statutes of the Via Claudia Augusta Bavariae e. V.


Travel reports from travellers along the Via Claudia Augusta in Italian and German

Some time ago the German Via Claudia Augusta cyclist Holger Nacken published a book that tells how he travelled the Via Claudia Augusta with friends. Now there is also a similar book by two young Italians in love, who got carried away by the Via Claudia Augusta and humorously report about their journey. Author Gacomo Chimera. Both books in the virtual booklanden here on the homepage, which is currently under construction, and can be ordered in relevant online book platforms.

New "Roman square" along the Via Claudia Augusta

Our correspondent reports: In Mertingen, the northernmost populated town on the Via Claudia Augusta in Roman times (Castel Submuntorium Burghöfe), a new square is currently being built near the town hall, with reference to the Via Claudia Augusta and the Romans. Here first pictures. We are already curious how the square looks finished.


Via Claudia Augusta Italia ausgezeichnet

Via Claudia Augusta Italia received today the "Italian Green Road Award 2018" at Cosmobike Verona. Thanks to the Municipality of Lagundo and Councillor Cesare d'Eredità for the nomination.


Archäologische Grabung an der Via Claudia Augusta

Since September 24, research has been going on again along the Roman road, as part of the Interreg project "Hereditas - Virtual Via Claudia Augusta ITAT 2007. Archaeologists are searching for a sanctuary in a small wooded area in Dollinger-Lager between Tarrenz and Nassereith (Tyrol). On Friday, October 5th at 14:00 there will be a guided tour for the population and guests.

Current status: Several interesting individual finds have already been made and the structure of the sanctuary has already been located.

Weather: On the day of the guided tour bright sunshine is announced. So let's go!

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