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Libreria Novecento in Verona (= Buchladen 19. Jahrhundert)

This is the right place for you if you like to browse and read. According to the motto of the Via Claudia Augusta "Experience regions, ages, people and their cultures", you will find books about the Via Claudia Augusta, books about the epochs of the old road, books about the regions along the Via Claudia Augusta, books about famous people and cultural features on this page.

Historical publication
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about and around the Via Claudia Augusta
(3 languages - italiano, german, english)

Research on the Via Claudia Augusta and in the regions and places along the old Roman road is ongoing. Archaeologists and historians are also constantly exchanging information on the subject. On October 19 / 20, 2018, there was a symposium in Ehrenberg, which was open to all interested parties. In this publication you can find all the presentations and even 2 more.

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Books about the
Via Claudia Augusta
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German and Italian language publication from the early period of the revival of the Via Claudia Augusta (Iniative of the City of Feltre / former Assessor Giorgio D'Agostini)

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