A colorful palette of vacation regions
along the Via Claudia Augusta

Vinschgau Wein Val Venosta Kastelbell

Along the Via Claudia Augusta, a colorful variety of vacation regions and towns beckon. They invite you to spend your vacations in one place and from there to experience the magnificent cultural and natural landscapes, the picturesque towns, the people, their cultures and history, which the Via Claudia Augusta helped to shape as an important link between northern and southern Europe:

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Something for every
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In 15 BC, the Romans moved north along the paths of the Etruscans, the Raetians and the Celts and began to develop them into the first real road across the Alps. After 60 years, the epoch-making structure was completed in 45/46 AD and named, after the reigning emperor, the "Imperial Road of Claudius". The trans-European road connection continued to exist after the Roman Empire. Goods were exchanged along it. People from many countries and their cultures met on it. The itinerary on the traces of the road founded by the Romans leads over picturesque country roads and mountain passes from the Danube over the Alps to Altino near Venice or Ostiglia on the Po. On the way you will find varied landscapes, tranquil villages, lively towns, many sights and special features that the road has helped to shape. More than 200 hosts have prepared for travelers along the Via Claudia Augusta. Some even have a dish on the menu, as it might have been eaten 2000 years ago on Europe's cultural axis. 

Active vacations are possible in all regions of the Via Claudia Augusta. Whether the focus is more on experiencing the land, culture and history or on exercising on foot or by bike. If you like to discover and look for variety, then you should visit every region.
You can also relax and unwind - in different ways - in every region along the Via Claudia Augusta. In some regions, the nature, the landscape and the tranquil villages encourage you to do so. In some regions, it is the way of life that makes it easier to switch off and promote relaxation.
Mountain experience: a large part of the regions and towns along the Via Claudia Augusta are located in the mountains or directly border ... an: The Allgäu and Ammergau Alps, the Lechtal Alps, the Wetterstein with the Zugspitze and the Mieminger Mountains, the Ötztal Alps, the Samnaun and Sesvenna Groups, the Ortles and Sarntal Alps, the Nonsberg and Brenta Groups, the Garda Mountains, the Fleimstal Alps, the Dolomites, the Southern Carnic and the Vizentine Alps. Each mentioned part of the Alps with its own special character and charm. Do you already know them all?
Cycling vacations: Cycling is in fashion. Accordingly, in numerous regions along the Via Claudia Augusta there is more than one bike route and plenty of cycling experience for a whole cycling vacation. Alpine valleys are also suitable for pleasure cyclists.
Hiking: All regions along the Via Claudia Augusta can also be explored on foot. Some are real hikers' paradises, including the mountain regions, of course, but also hilly areas. But also in the agricultural landscape of the Po Valley or along the Lech River in Bavaria you can hike and find yourself. 
The region around the Venice lagoon invites you to spend your vacation by the sea. In Jesolo you can spend a Classic beach vacation at the sea, with everything that goes with it. In Venice there is a lot of culture, history and with the Lido di Venezia one of the most rnommiertesten beaches of the world. Quarto D'Altino, where in Roman times the Adriatic port and the forerunner of the city of Venice was located, is centrally located, in the middle and thus offers something of everything, with good public transport and bike path connections. Also with the Barca you can reach Venice from Altino through the lagoon.
Bathing vacations: In addition to the bathing resorts on the Venice Lagoon and Italy's largest lake, Lake Garda, there are several larger bathing lakes along the Via Claudia Augusta: Lake Kalterer See in South Tyrol, Lake Caldonazzo in Valsugana, Lake Ammersee near Landsberg, Lake Forggensee and a colorful selection of smaller bathing lakes in Ostallgäu and Pfaffenwinkel. In addition, numerous regions are waiting with picturesque smaller bathing lakes, such as the Frauensee in Lechaschau, the Urisee in Breitenwang, the Heiterwanger See and Plansee, the Rieder Badesee in the Oberinntal, ...
Well-known destinations of city trips are Venice, Verona and Augsburg, founded by the Romans. The provincial capitals of Bolzano, Treviso and Trento are also located on the Via Claudia Augusta. Smaller towns with particularly great history are Donauöwörth, Landsberg am Lech, Schongau, Füssen, Merano, Feltre, Rovereto, Villafranca di Verona, ... 
Rural life in different shades invites to participate along the entire route: in Bavaria, in Tyrol, in South Tyrol, in Trentino, in Veneto and Lombadia. Many regions are rural, with natural landscapes, picturesque villages, agriculture and its products. Tranquil rural areas also await around the larger cities. 
Culinary discoveries can be made in all regions along the Via Claudia Augusta. Each has its own special features. All in all, they add up to an incredible variety, which the connecting ancient road has helped to shape. To really know the Via Claudia Augusta, you have to taste it extensively and in all its facets. In many regions along the Via Claudia Augusta there are festivals dedicated to specialties of the region. They are a reason in themselves to make a trip there.
Wine regions, roads and towns can be found from the South Tyrolean Vinschgau southwards along the entire Via Claudia Augusta Alinate and Padana. Among the most famous names are the Prosecco region, the South Tyrolean Wine Road, Valpolicella, ... No less charming are countless other wine-growing areas and wines. The climate change makes it possible that also in North Tyrol is again increasingly viticulture to find.
Thermal resorts: with the traditional spa towns and resorts of the Habsburgs - Merano, Levio Terme and Roncegno Terme - Bad Wörishofen near Landsberg am Lech or the Thermal Park in Lazise are also highlights for spa lovers along the Via Claudia Augusta.
Spa: the regions around the three thermal resorts Merano, Bad Wörishofen near Landsberg am Lech and Lazise, but also some places with wellness spas such as Schwangau, Reutte-Breitenwang, Nassereith, ...
Events are always a good reason to visit a place or region. Also on the Via Claudia Augusta there are numerous events that are worth a trip in themselves: historical events, cultural events, events dedicated to culinary specialties, or even sports events.
Vacation adventures with thrills are also offered in some regions: along the Via Claudia Augusta there are some climbing regions. Rafting is available throughout the upper Inn Valley. Canyoning is offered for example in the Tyrolean regions along the Via Claudia Augusta or in the Dolomiti Prealpi region around Feltre. Lake Reschen is considered a kitesurfing paradise.

Impressions of vacation days
in the regions and places
along the Via Claudia Augusta

Radfahrer vor den Alpen
Badesteg Foto Kaltern
Canyoning Lemming Tours
Klettern Foto Imst
Landschaft Kalterer See
Mountainbike Foto Tiroler Oberland
Nauders Tirol Oberland Kaunertal
Rafting Foto Tirol Werbung
Spiaggia Venezia
Wandern Bergasee
Via Claudia Weinhändler
Vinschgau Wein Val Venosta Kastelbell
Südtiroler Weinstraße
Prosecco Weinstraße Veneto Altamarca
Römermauer in Augsburg, archäologische Nischen, Dom, Foto Regio Augsburg
Radfahrer in der Fuggerei, Foto Regio Augsburg
Augsburg Goldener Saal im Rathaus, Foto Regio Augsburg
Augsburg bei Nacht, Maxstraße, Foto Regio Augsburg
Augsburg im 14. Jhd
Canal Grande Chiesa Della Salute E Dogana Dal Ponte Dell Accademiay
Laguna Di Venezia
Piazza San Marco
verona city river church bridge water stone
Verona Arena Piazza
Sonnenuntergang über Arena
Arena Di Verona Aida Giuseppe Verdi
Hauptplatz Landsberg Am Lech, Foto Landsberg
Schwangau, Kristalltherme
Der Lech und die berge bei Nacht in Füssen
Fagioli Lamon Feltrino
Vor den Dolomiten Parcon Nazionale Dolomiti
Cesiomaggiore Dal Ovest
Fabbrica Pedavena Museo Birra Bier Museum
Feltre Piazza Maggiore Rad Bici
Feltre vor den Alpen
Unterirdisches Tridentum Zotta
Gran Hotel Levico, Terme, Alta Valsugana, Trentino
Alta Valsugana, Laghi Seen
Borgo Flair Di Venezia Media Valsugana Trentino
Castello Telvana Media Valsugana Borgo Trentino
Schloss Landeck, Foto Albin Niederstrasser
Brandopferplatz Fliess Foto Wikipedia Emolenz
Schnaps, Likör, Brot, Marmelade, Genussregion Tirol West
Blick Vom Vogelbeobachtungsturm in Lechau, Foto Tschaikner
Brücke über dem Lechfall
Radweg in Lechauen
Dekanatspfarrkirche Breitenwang, Foto Breitenwang
Rennradfahrer Kreisverkehr Untermarkt, Foto Anton Vorauer
Museum Ausstellung Dem Ritter Auf Der Spur Ehrenberg Burgenwelt

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