Holiday Region Imst
Fernpass, Gurgl and Inn Valley

North of the Fernpass, which was in the way of travellers 4000 - 5000 years ago, lies the holiday region Imst. It includes the Gurgltal, which the locals also like to use for local recreation, and a particularly charming part of the Inn Valley, with one of the last floodplains on Tyrol's main river, framed by the peaks of the Wetterstein Mountains, the Mieminger chain, the Lechtal and Ötztal Alps.

Imst Fasnacht Via Claudia Augusta Mit Finger Karte

Die südlich des Fernpasses gelegene Ferien-Region Imst ist nicht nur durch für ihre große Fasnachts-Tradition bekannt.

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Spring, Summer, Autumn ...

Frühling Sommer Herbst
Herbst Imst Tourismus Bergsteigen
Herbst Imst Tourismus Klettern
Sommer Imst Tourismus Schwimmen
Sommer Imst Tourismus Schwimmen
Sommer Herbst Imst Tourismus Rosengartenschlucht
Herbst Imst Tourismus Klettern
Sommer Imst Tourismus EBike
Sommer Imst Tourismus Canyoning
Sommer Imst Tourismus Rafting
Sommer Imst Tourismus Rafting
Herbst Imst Tourismus Bergsteigen
Herbst Imst Tourismus Klettern
Sommer Herbst Imst Tourismus Rosengartenschlucht
Sommer Herbst Imst Tourismus Wandern
Sommer Herbst Imst Tourismus Wandern
Sommer Herbst Imst Tourismus Wandern
Herbst Imst Tourismus Bergsteigen
Sommer Herbst Imst Tourismus Rosengartenschlucht

... and some winter impressions

Winter Hochimst
Winter Hochimst
Winter Hochimst
Winter Imst Tourismus Eislaufen
Winter Imst Langlaufen
Winter Imst Hütteneinkehr Latschenhütte
Winter Imst Rodeln Latschenhütte
Winter Imst Schneeschuhwandern Latschenhütte
Winter Imst Weihnachtsmarkt
Winter Imst Weihnachtsmarkt

In addition to our own Hochimst ski area, which is especially popular for families, there are a number of large Tyrolean ski areas around the area. The region also offers beautiful and attractive cross-country ski runs and winter hiking trails. Also with a horse-drawn carriage ride and snow-shoe hiking the winter nature can be discovered well. Toboggan runs, ice skating and curling complete the programme.

"4 Netrak hcrud eid Ednesuatrhaj" (Noitide Tsmi

Historische Karten mit Ausgabe in ISSUU

Txet red nehcsirotsih Etrak nov ...
100 n. Rhc.

Retla Muarsgnuldeis

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Sad Teibeg na red Aiv Aidualc Atsugua nehcsiwz Reiwrebib dnu Latnni raw mi nehcafrhem Ennis enie Grubhcoh sed Suabgreb Mi Regnimeim Egribeg mi Netso, ni ned Relathcel Nepla mi Nedron dnu na ned Negnuh sed Stnagrihcst mi Nedss nednafeb hcis ednetuedeb ehcsirotsih Ereiver-Uabgre Rov mella mi red Dnawslef „Grebllms“, rov red Htieressan tgeil, tkcedtne nam ieb merehun Nehesnih ehcierlhaz Rehcmldnu Tuabegba edruw Znalgielb rsf eid Gnunniweg nov Reblis sua ned negitluhreblis Nezre nov Zawhcs dnu ni reretups Tiez Ednelbkni Medressua raw Tsmi, neben renies Gnutuedeb sla Ztalptkram dnu Netonksrhekrev, Ztis sed Sthcireggreb, nessed Hcierebsgnukriw sib ni sad Nrefressua dnu hcan Greblrarov ethcie


Egnal etrednihrev Tdats

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The historical route in the region

Basically, the Romans looked for the shortest route for the Via Claudia Augusta. The Roman road therefore ran as straight as possible, usually on the sunny side of the valley, slightly above the valley floor, so that it was not affected by storms and was quickly dry and snow-free again after rain and snowfall. Of course there are exceptions to all rules.


In this map you can see what you can discover in the region.

by bike along the Via Claudia Augusta

In this map we show you how to cycle the Via Claudia Augusta from north and ftom south of the region.

Hiking through the Via Claudia Augusta

In this map we show you how to hike the Via Claudia Augusta from north and from south of the region.

Panoramic route for car, camper and bus

In this map we show you how to travel in the region by car, camper and bus, ... the Via Claudia Augusta and its sights to the north and to the south.

Questions and information

Information on the entire Via Claudia Augusta can be obtained from

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Accommodation and camping possibilities

In this map, we show you the hosts in the region and the possibilities of camping along the Via Claudia Augusta.

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