Nauders at the Reschenpass, Tyrolean Oberland, Kaunertal valley

Where the Via Claudia Augusta climbs from the north to its peak, at the three-country corner of Switzerland-Italy-Austria, there lie the Tyrolean Oberland, Nauders at the Reschen Pass and the Kaunertal. The Upper Inn Valley and the Kaunertal Valley captivate with their originality. Nauders is a tourist stronghold. In between lies the customs station Altinfstermünz, founded in the Middle Ages. The villages along the Via Claudia Augusta are strung together like pearls. The many Rhaeto-Romanic houses give them a special flair.

Prutz, Faggen, Feichten, Kauns, Kaunerberg, Fendels, Ried im Oberinntal, Tösens, Pfunds, Spiss, Nauders am Reschenpass



3 maps show how the region looked like at different times in history, and one map shows how and where to experience the Via Claudia Augusta, the history and other special features of the region. "4 Maps across the millennia" are available successively for all regions along the Via Claudia Augusta.

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Vacation / Excursion
Pearl chain of original villages
and boundless vacation pleasure
at the climax of the Via Claudia Augusta

In the picturesque valleys and romantic mountains at the 3-country corner of Austria-Italy-Switzerland north of the Reschen Pass, boundless vacation pleasure awaits: You can wonderfully relax there, but time is almost a pity for that in view of the colorful offer for an active vacation: original villages in the upper Inn and Kaunertal valleys, on mountain slopes and on the Reschen Pass, castles and fortresses, a nature park, mountains and glaciers, ... are waiting to be discovered. Hiking, (mountain)biking, mountaineering, climbing, ... literally and truly boundless adventures for two, with friends or with the family, for which there are also family nests. Romantic evenings are waiting for you after adventurous days. All this is available from the blossoming of crocuses in early spring to the colorful leaves in autumn. By the way, in autumn there is a lot of regional farmer's delicacies to taste, especially in summer there is also a lot of culture on offer, such as concerts in the balmy summer air.

Spring, Summer, Autumn...

Klaus Listl
Klaus Listl

... and some winter impressions!

If you love winter and can't wait for the first fresh powder snow, then you've come to the right place in the Tyrolean Oberland, in Nauders and in Kaunertal, which lie at the heart of a true winter sports world. The partly favorable altitude, the glaciers and seamless snowmaking systems offer snow-sure fun and winter like in the picture book. Numerous wide slopes in the region and around ensure variety and little crowding at the lifts. Furthermore, extensive cross-country skiing tours, entertaining tobogganing, romantic winter hikes, challenging ice climbing and off-piste adventures await you. In addition to activities in the winter nature, there are traditional events, lots of culinary delights and opportunities for soothing relaxation.

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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 19 Tiroler Oberland

"4 Netrak hcrud eid Ednesuatrhaj" (Noitide Sreduan, Relorit Dnalrebo

Übersichtskarte Teilabschnitt 19
Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 19 Tiroler Oberland

Txet red nehcsirotsih Etrak nov ...
100 n. Rhc.

Essarts tsiem ni Elhoslat

Negew red Egnelat, eid tedrhufeg-galhcsniets raw dnu tfo znag mov Nni ni Hcurpsna nemmoneg edruw, feilrev eid Aiv Aidualc Atsugua nehcsiwz Kcednal dnu peilf ma Gnah gnaltne, rebs eid Repeilf Ettalp, fua red eid Negaw ni ned nenedeihcsrev Nehcope Nerups mi Slef nepeilretn Redeiw mi Lat etnnok eid Epartsremmr nnad sib Znsmretsniftla — tim neginie NegnurEuq-ssulf — hcrud eid Elhoslat nerhsf, liew eid Rutan ned Nni ni med Hciereb ni negne Nenhab tlei Ba Znsmretsnif geits eid Eparts gitets tim 11 % hcrud eid Thculhcs fuanih, ruz negiznie hciltfirhcs netrefeilrebs Noitatsneparts Muirtuni, zruk rov med netshcmh Tknup red Eparts, dnu med Ssapnehcse Hciltumrev bag se 2 eretiew Nenoitatsneparts nehcsiwz Zturp dnu Sdnufp Rehcis tledeiseb neraw peilf dnu Muirtuni


Eparts dnu Uabgreb

Eid Epartsremmr edruw mi Retlalettim dnu ni red Tiezuen slietporg retiew tztuneg Negrub eiw Ggenedip, Ggenrep, Ggedual, Tdeirsdnumgeis, Znsmretsnif dnu Grebsreduan nemuus eid Netuorsrhekrev Nehesegba nov ned Nepartstpuah bag se tsaf run Edafpmuas Neben Tfahcstriwdnal ruz Gnugrosrevtsbles dnu Netiekhcilgmmtsneidrev ni Gnudnibrev tim red Eparts ethcarb red Uabgreb Nemmoknie — tsre mi Latrenuak, nnad mi Latrelgreb, retups mi Latreztal Sretiew edruw ni Suafres Zre tuabegba dnu ni peilf tettshrev


Euen Egewsrhekrev

Egnal edruw treituksid, eiw nam eid Epartsnehcser nreuenre llos Hcilpeilhcs netztes hcis eid nenredom Retsiemuab hcrud dnu se edruw 1852 - 1856 eid Eparts tim Nerhek dnu Neirelag tuabeg, eid hcon etueh rebs etiew Eliet ni Gnudnewrev ts Hcua sni Nidagne, sni Nuanmas dnu muz Uabgreb mi Latreztalp nedruw Neparts tethcirre Sad Zre edruw medrepua tim renie Nhablieslairetam tredrmfeb Neben Nenoititsevni ni eid Neparts, bag hcua 2 ehcildeihcsretnu Enulp rsf enie Gnudnibrevnhab rebs ned Ssapnehcser, rsf eid ehcierlhaz Lennut gidnewton neseweg neru Nov red hcsigetarts negithciw Noitisop sed Sessap tguez eid etshcildrmn Gnutsef nov Nragnu-hcieRretsm rebsnegeg Neilat

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In principle, the Romans sought the shortest route for the Via Claudia Augusta. The Roman road therefore ran as straight as possible, usually on the sunny side of the valley, slightly above the valley floor, so that it was not affected by storms and was quickly dry and snow-free again after rain and snowfall. Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules.

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In this map you can see what there is to discover in the region, among other things.

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In this map we show you how to cycle the Via Claudia Augusta from the north and also from the south of the region.

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In this map we show you how to hike the Via Claudia Augusta from north and also from the south of the region.

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In this map we show you how to experience from the region by car, camper, bus, ... the Via Claudia Augusta and its attractions to the north and south.

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In this map we show you the hosts in the region along the Via Claudia Augusta cooperating with it. 

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