Europe's cultural axis
from the north
over the Alps in the south

Teatro De La Sela Feltre

Over several thousand years, the important road connection has shaped the regions, the people and their cultures and has created a main cultural artery across the Alps, right across Europe. On this page you can find out in general how to discover and experience Europe's cultural axis. In addition, we give you a first overview of the variety and wealth of culture that awaits you along the route in pictures. On two further pages you will find pictures and short texts about the wealth of culture in the regions and places along the route.


Mittelalterliche Geleise Mils

Traces of history

Along the Via Claudia Augusta there are numerous traces of the history of the old road, regions and places. Some are easy to find, some only with good guidance. Some places are simply places full of history, where you can't see anything and have to make the stories come alive in your head. The own pages on history(s) of the regions and places on this platform - Altinate / Padana - will help you to do so. The interactive map here on the platform and the apps of the Via Claudia Augusta help to do so. Last but not least, the " 4 maps through the millennia"  which are successively available for each region along the route, are also helpful.

 Castello Beseno Vallagarina Etschtal Valle Del Adige Trentino


Along the Via Claudia Augusta, world-famous monuments such as the Arena of Verona and Neuschwanstein Castle give testimony to history, but also numerous, no less interesting, lesser-known monuments.

Kunst und Kultur im Tiroler Oberland

Smaller stages

Each section of the Via Claudia Augusta has a smaller or larger theatre and cabaret scene. In the cities there are also large stages, some of them even world-famous.

Lorenz Rauch Aufführung Verona

Large stages


Stages that are also an attraction when empty

Some theatres are an attraction in themselves, such as those of Rovereto, Verona, Feltre, Augsburg, Borgo Valsugana, Venice, ...

Leitheimer Schlosskonzerte

Classical concerts

The Via Claudia Augusta has a great tradition in classical music. Some of the most famous composers and musicians have travelled along it and stopped off. The regions and places also produced their own copyists and musicians. The tradition of classical music is upheld and cultivated in many places.


Traditional music

In many places along the Via Claudia Augusta, music tradition is cultivated, in small ensembles or large chapels. In Tyrol there are even more music chapels than municipalities, many of them at the highest level.

Malereien Prokuluskirche

Rich art history

A street that has been around for several thousand years is of course one with a rich art history, including absolute highlights and gems.

Modern and contemporary art

The Via Claudia Augusta has provided contact with the world for 1000s of years, fostering exchange and inspiring both travellers and locals. Even today, there are lively artists and great art initiatives along the entire Via Claudia Augusta.

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