Via Claudia Augusta

Wer seine Rad-Reise gerne im Paket bucht, der ist auf dieser Seite goldrichtig. Hier finden Sie Pakete mit Radreisen unterschiedlicher Länge und unterschiedlichem Tempo (sportlich oder klassisch). Die Quartiere sind für Sie ausgewählt und gebucht. Wenn Sie möchten ist auch für Transfers gesorgt, es wird ihr Gepäck transportiert oder ein Leihbike organisiert ...

General in advance

  • The travel offers are advertised as "classic" or as "sporty" version. In the "sporty" version, the route is completed in fewer days. In addition, the "classic" versions include transfers over the two Alpine passes (Fernpass & Reschenpass) and the "sporty" versions include only a short transfer over the Fernpass. This results in the "sporty" versions somewhat longer daily stages to be cycled and also notable climbs to be overcome. 
  • You can choose between Donauwörth, Augsburg, Füssen and Bolzano as arrival points.
  • In addition to the destinations Merano, Bolzano, Verona and Quarto d'Altino near Venice, which are located directly along the Via Claudia Augusta, you can also cycle to Lake Garda (Riva del Garda / Peschiera del Garda).
  • Throughout the course, the routes often run along bike paths in areas with little traffic. However, some sections also run along quiet side roads and through towns. Mainly in the northern part of the route, some sections run on gravel paths. In the southern part of the Via Claudia Augusta, especially shortly after Feltre and in the area of Ponte della Priula (shortly before Treviso), it is necessary to take a more heavily trafficked road for about 6 km in each case due to a lack of alternatives.
  • The signposting along the route is very good from the north to Verona and also to Lake Garda. From Feltre to Quarto d'Altino, the official signage leaves something to be desired. Especially in this area, but also along the rest of the route, a specially installed marker additionally helps to find the way well.


Details of the individual packages

A detailed description of the trip and all details about the individual packages can be found under the individual buttons as a PDF download under the item "More Information".


The following grouping of the packages

  • Donauwörth - Füssen (short - for browsing)
  • Donauwörth - Altino near Venice (classic, from the northernmost to the southernmost point of the historical route)
  • one package to Merano
  • different packages until Bozen
  • different packages until Altino near Venice
  • different packages to Riva del Garda (on the Trentino northern part of the lake)
  • various packages to Peschiera del Garda (on the Venetian southern part of the lake)
  • different packages until Verona
  • different packages from Donauwörth
  • different packages from Augsburg
  • different packages from Füssen
  • different packages from Bolzano

Payment, Rebooking, Cancellation, ...


Payment 20% immediately upon booking, the rest no later than 1 month before departure.


For rebookings (change of travel date or category) up to the 28th day before departure, we charge a processing fee of EUR 95,-- per booking. Later rebookings, if their implementation is possible at all, can only be made after withdrawal from the travel contract under the stated conditions and simultaneous new registration. 

If you withdraw from the booked trip, a cancellation must be received by us immediately. 

  • We charge a handling fee of 20% of the total price per person for a cancellation up to the 28th day before the start of the trip. 
  • In case of cancellation between the 27th and the 8th day before departure, we charge a cancellation fee of 60% of the total price per person. 
  • In case of cancellation from the 7th day before the start of the trip, we charge 90% of the total price per person in cancellation fees. 
  • On the day of arrival or in case of no-show, no money will be refunded for services not used (e.g. also cancellation of the trip). 


The day of arrival counts as the start of the trip. 

After the following headings you should see boxes for information and booking for each package. If these boxes do not appear, it usually helps to wait a little while for them to load or to reload the page. Rarely, it can also be that cookies of a foreign site disturb the display, then it helps to delete the cookies in your browser. If the boxes still do not appear for a longer time, please inform us, then there is a technical problem on our site, which we have to solve with our technical specialists.

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