Rovereto and the Vallagarina
in southern Trentino

The southern part of the Adige Valley, around the former silk city and today's peace city of Rovereto, is called Vallagarina or German Lagertal, which reminds of the time when it was part of the Habsburg Empire. The Vallagarina, which has always been a crossroads of cultures, a link between plain and mountains and between Italian and German culture, welcomes you with a lot of cultural and outdoor activities.

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Part of : Italy, cross-border European region Tyrol-Alto Adige-Trentino, Italian region Trentino/AltoAdige-South Tyrol, autonomous province of Trento
Parts of the region: the Adige Valley, the natural jewel of Monte Baldo with its famous rose, the Trenino organic area of Val di Gresta, Passubio and the Little Dolomites, the heavenly pastures of the Lessina Trentina Natural Park
Municipalities in the region (from north to south): Besenello, Calliano, Nomi, Pomarolo, Volano, Villa Lagarina, Nogaredo, City of Rovereto, Isera, Ronzo-Chienis, Terragnolo, Trambileno, Vallars, Mori, Brentonico, City of Ala, Avio 

Internetportal of the region 4 maps through the millennia

3 maps show what the region looked like at different times in history, and one map shows how and where you can experience the Via Claudia Augusta, the history and other special features of the region."4 maps through the millennia" are available successively for all regions along the Via Claudia Augusta.


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Holidays / Excursions
Discover and relax

Rovereto and Vallagarina offer holidays and relax on several levels: in the valley, along the Adige river, on a picturesque vineyard and more vineyards after another. Numerous cellars invite you to taste their wines. A wide range of restaurants offer typical regional cuisine to match the wines, waiting for you to discover their culinary delights. Nestled on the hillside, where they were safe from the waters of the Adige, lie picturesque small and large towns, the silk town of Rovereto with its numerous museums and the velvet town of Ala with its palazzi and narrow streets. Numerous medieval castles, each more majestic than the last, are enthroned above the valley floor as witnesses to the history of the border region and the historic trans-European road connection Via Claudia Augusta. One step higher up the valley there is unspoilt nature to admire, such as the Brentonico plateau in the Monte Baldo Nature Park, the terraced fields in the Val di Gresta or the boundless alpine pastures of the Lessina plateau. Finally, the rocky peaks of the Little Dolomites of Vallarsa or Monte Baldo are also very attractive - a splendid setting for various outdoor activities such as cycling, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, ... everyone can find something to do there!

Spring, Summer, Autumn, ...

Monte Baldo Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo Spa
Frühling baldo family tommaso prugnola
Frühling baldo family tommaso prugnola
Frühling Mart Bianca Lampariello
Frühling lessinia
Frühling Monte
Frühling Monti Lessini
Sommer Velluto
Sommer Ciclabile
Sommer Castello
Herbst Azienda
Herbst Copia di Carlo
Herbst Monte Baldo
Herbst Rovereto
Herbst San Valentino di Brentonico
Herbst Rovereto
Herbst Castello
Herbst Trekking
Herbst Trekking

... and some winter impressions

Winter Tommaso Prugnola
Winter Tommaso Prugnola
Winter Tommaso Prugnola
Winter Tommaso Prugnola
Winter golosaneve
Winter sci alpinismo polsa
Winter Natale ad Avio
Winter Natale ad Avio
Winter Natale a Rovereto
Winter Natale ad Avio
Winter Natale ad Ala
Winter Natale a Rovereto
Winter Natale ad Ala

More than 35 km of ski slopes await you on the Brentonico plateau. In addition, there are cross-country ski runs, ice-skating possibilities and marked snow-shoe tours. But winter in Vallagarina is not only winter sports: in December the villages awaken the adventurous anticipation of Christmas with all its traditions. A particularly beautiful Christmas market can be found in the medieval castle of Avio, or in the baroque palaces of Ala. Castellano and Rovereto also invite you to traditional pre-Christmas events. Get in the mood for Christmas together with us!

"4 maps across the millenia"
(Rovereto e Vallagarina edition)

Historische Karten mit Ausgabe in ISSUU

Text of the historic maps of ...
400 A.D.

"Life on the street"

Already the Etruscans, Venetians, Rhaetians and Celts had a lively exchange about the Etsch Valley. With the development of their routes to the first trans-European road across the Alps, even more life came to Vallagarina. This important road brought new influences and opportunities to earn money. As a result, further settlements also developed between the traffic junctions of Trento and Verona, including road stations, which the Romans established at regular intervals. It is striking that the road in Vallagarina crossed the river only once. Those who did not need the road in the immediate vicinity lived at a certain distance, as the remains of the Roman country villa in Isera still bear witness to today.


"Numerous castles"

Even in the Middle Ages and modern times, the inhabitants of Vallagarina lived essentially from the road, and even more important was the Adige waterway, especially for the transport of heavy goods. Ports and ferry services existed in Trento and Nomi, near Rovereto and Avio. Not a single bridge over the Adige is known in Vallagarina. Along this important transport link, numerous castles developed, from which the traffic routes can be easily surveyed. Castel Beseno is the largest of these and is today perfectly equipped for a multifaceted experience of a castle. Clearly the most important place was already then Rovereto, which Maximilian I made into a town in 1510.


"The 18th century"

The Vallagarina did not experience a real industrial revolution in the 18th century. Not even the creation of the Savings Bank and the Brennero railway, which was expensive and not very efficient, could change that. The Vallagarina traditionally produced mainly silk, wood, wine, velvet and leather. In addition there was the tobacco factory in Rovereto. There was no capital for more investments. Moreover, from 1859 Trentino was on the edge of the empire, separated by a border from the important markets of Lobardia and Veneto, which levied considerable customs duties. The winegrowers fought against phylloxera. In silkworm cultivation, the peprine caused problems. Many citizens left the country as guest workers or permanently.

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Basically, the Romans looked for the shortest route for the Via Claudia Augusta. The Roman road therefore ran as straight as possible, usually on the sunny side of the valley, slightly above the valley floor, so that it was not affected by storms and was quickly dry and snow-free again after rain and snowfall. Of course there are exceptions to all rules.

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In this map we show you how to cycle the Via Claudia Augusta from the north and from the south of the region.

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In this map we show you how to get from the region by car, camper, bus, ... the Via Claudia Augusta and its sights to the north and south.

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In this map we show you the hosts of the region and the possibilities of camping along the Via Claudia Augusta.

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