Traditional Top-Events
along the Via Claudia Augusta


On this page you can find traditional events between the Bavarian Danube, the river Po and the Italian Adriatic. Like the Via Claudia Augusta, they have become firmly established in the regions over the years. Some of them are even internationally known. In any case, each event is worth for a journey in itself.

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Augsburger Plärrer
Beer festival of the city

  • 03

Every year in autumn Augsburg invites you to Swabia's largest folk festival and carnival. The prelude is a procession through the city.

Augsburger Überblick
Goldener Saal in der Stadthalle
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 07 Schongau Peitingen

Historical market in Schongau

  • 7

The medieval spectacle offers a colourful mixture of artists, dancers, musicians and craftsmen at free admission. In addition, a wide range of culinary delights and culinary delights await you.

Luftbild Altstadt Schongau, Foto Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
Historischer Markt Schongau
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 11 Reuttener Becken, Ehrenberg

Ehrenberg- traveling in time

  • 11

Every year in midsummer hundreds of showmen meet in the Ehrenberg Castle World above Reutte. In their camp and at demonstrations they vividly depict the epochs that the Talenge has experienced.

Historisches Überblicksbild
Römer Cohorte
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 16 Imst

Imster Fasnacht
the Carnival of Imst

The Imst "Schemenlaufen"takes place every 4 years, usually on the Sunday before the "Nonsense Thursday". The traditional carnival is part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Imst Meran Des Nordens
Kramergasse Imst
Laurentiuskirchlein Imst
Imst Schemenlaufen
Imst Fasnachtswagen
Imst Gebäude Im Fels Des Bergls
Imst Schemenlaufen Bärengruppe
Imst Schemenlaufen
Imst Schemenlaufen Vogelhändler
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 25 Algund, Meran, Marling

Merano WineFestival

Every year at the "Merano WineFestival", Merano becomes the stage for fine wines and a magnet for wine connoisseurs and friends for a long weekend.

Stadt Ausflaggung Foto Merano Wine Festival
Initiator Motor Foto Merano Wine Festival
Kurhaus Foto Merano Wine Festival
Festsaal Foto Merano Wine Festival
Weinverkostung Foto Merano Wine Festival
Weinglas Verkostung Ausflaggung Foto Merano Wine Festival
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 28 Südtirols Süden

The Festival of Neumarkt

Every year Neumarkt makes a big festival in its arcades in the market centre. At the festival in the capital of the South Tyrolean lowlands, the whole region comes together to celebrate and to enjoy the good wines and food.

Lauben Neumarkt am Tag
Lauben Neumarkt Dämmerung
Traditionsvereine Laubenfest
Kinder Laubenfest Umzug
Laubenfest Stimmung
Laubenfest Junge
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Palio of Feltre

  • 35a

Every year at the height of summer, the districts of Feltre enter into a noble competition. Around the competitions there are also many spectacles and joint celebrations.

Aufstellung Gruppen
Pfeil, Bogen
Homepage of the Palio di Feltre
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 37a Alta Marca

Dama Castellana of Conegliano

Every year in June you can find in the centre of Conegliano a lively game of checkers with costumes from the Renaissance.

Altstadt Überblick
Blick auf Castello
Conegaliano vom Castello
Conegliano Nacht
Dame Detail
Dame Detail
Dame ganz Detail
Dame Nacht
Dame Nacht Fahnen Luft
Dame Tag
Figuren Detail
Historischer Umzug Stadt
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 41a Laguna

The historical Carnival of Venice

The historical carnival in Venice, whose roots go back to the late Middle Ages, lasts from Epiphania (6 January) until the beginning of the Lent period.

Venice Lagoon December
Karte Venedig Lagune
Venice Old Town Lagoon
Bacino di San Marco in Venice
Piazza San Marco
Maske und Palazzo
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Übersichtskarte rechts Teilabschnitt 38p Verona

The Opera Festival in the Arena of Verona

Every summer opera festivals take place in what is probably the most famous Roman building on the Via Claudia Augusta, the Arena of Verona.

Verona Ponte Pietra Sunset
Arena Verona
Arena Verona
Arena Verona
Arena Verona
Arena Verona Aida Trompeten
Arena Verona Aida
Arena Di Verona Aida Giuseppe Verdi

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