Maling Roman sandals

Your hike in the footsteps of the Roman road Via Claudia Augusta across the Alps will be a special experience, if you make your own Roman sandals, as the Romans wore them 2000 years ago and walk parts of the hike with these sandals.

Handicraft instructions

  • download pdf
  • print on A3 sheet (size 40 - 42; for smaller or larger feet print larger or smaller)
  • Total cut transferred to leather for shoe uppers
  • transfer sole cut to thicker firm leather for sole (1x for unnailed sandals, 2x for nailed sandals)
  • eliminate all
  • Pierce holes in the upper part of the shoe
  • Sewing the upper part of the shoe at the back
  • for nailed sandals nails into one of the sole leathers
  • Sewing together shoe uppers with soles
  • Sandal top with leather strap
  • ready are the sandals


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