Cycling the Via Claudia Augusta

Radfahrer Vor Den Alpen

This page introduces the Via Claudia Augusta cycling route with a profile and a  selection of pictures. Experience the Germans’  second most popular international cycling route during a day trip or on a long-distance tour  over several days. The Via Claudia Augusta is considered the easiest way to cross the Alps on a touring bike. To make it even easier, you can take advantage of the bicycle shuttles that will carry you up any or all of the passes en route. It is an adventure most people can manage. Cyclists  from all continents and of all ages between 5 and 93 have jumped at the opportunity to embark on this unique tour. 

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neutrale Übersichtskarte

Profile of the Via Claudia Augusta cycling route

When Emperor Claudius ordered that the Via Claudia Augusta be expanded, he created the first road that connected Europe: from the Adriatic seaport of Altinum and Ostiglia on the Po all the way to the Danube. Along the Via Claudia Augusta cycling route, the ancient culture and trade road of the Roman Empire comes back to life. It is incredibly diverse: three countries, the Alps, ten regions, and three climate zones stretching from the north to the south of Europe offer a magnificent range of landscapes . Cyclists get to marvel at a new landscape every twenty or thirty kilometers. In late April and early May, you might even experience three seasons during a single cycling tour: bike along a late, snow-covered field on a shady part of the Fernpass, sunbathe by the Adriatic Sea, and take in all facets of spring in between. Apart from this cornucopia of landscapes, you will encounter lively towns, pretty villages, hundreds of historical sites, welcoming people and their fascinating cultures. Plenty of culinary delicacies and refreshments will keep your batteries charged. Some restaurants and inns along the way even serve dishes that may already have been popular during Roman times. Autumn is a particularly rewarding time for foodies. It offers the full breadth of products grown in the various regions. Enjoy the easiest way to cross the Alps by bike

2 versions: in Trento, the road forks. The Via Claudia Augusta ‘Altinate’ branch runs to Feltre and terminates in Altino near Venice; the Via Claudia Augusta ‘Padana’ branch runs to Verona and terminates in Ostiglia on the Po river.
Route: approximately 700 km from Donauwörth on the Bavarian Danube across the Alps to Altino near Venice or 650 km from Donauwörth to Ostiglia on the Po river.
Traffic connections: the railway stations of Donauwörth, Augsburg, Landeck, Bolzano/Bozen, Trento, Venice-Mestre, Rovereto, Verona and Ostiglia are perfectly connected to the international train network; public transport runs parallel to the majority of the route; optimally connected to the European long-distance cycling route network
Free parking in Donauwörth for the duration of your cycling tour
Logistical support: bike shuttle across all passes; shuttle service to take you back from Italy to Germany on six days of the week (avoiding high traffic volumes on Saturdays)
Route profile: on almost completely tarmacked cycling paths and quiet secondary roads; highest points: Fernpass (about 250 meters above Biberwier), Reschenpass (about 500 meters above Pfunds); cycling shuttles are available to take you up the passes, leaving only very few inclines for you to scale on your own.
Signage: mostly signposted, but we recommend taking a guidebook and/or GPS device
Travel resources: printed guidebooks, an interactive map for your individual travel planning needs available on this page, apps helping you navigate your individually planned route and offering information on all sights 
Awards: representative surveys have shown that the Via Claudia Augusta cycling route is the second most popular international cycling route among Germans; 4 stars from the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC); every year, around 40,000 cyclists from all continents and aged 5 to 93 years choose the route

Elevation profile of the Via Claudia Augusta ‘Altinate’:: Danube - Trento - Feltre - Altino near Venice

Elevation profile of the Via Claudia Augusta ‘Padana’: Danube - Trento - Verona - Ostiglia on the Po river.

Übersichtskarte Bayern

Pictures of the Bavarian section of the cycling route

  • Sections 01 - 09

Landscapes: Nördlinger Ries Crater and the Danube > Donauwörth (town) > Lechtal valley and Lech floodplains > Augsburg (city) > Lechfeld > Landsberg am Lech (town) > Fuchstal valley and Lechrain region > Schongau (town) > Pfaffenwinkel region > Aubergland municipalities > Ostallgäu district > Forggensee lake > Füssen > castles of the Allgäu

Luftbild von Goldberg in Donau Ries
Reichsstraße, Donauwörth
Donauspitz, Mündung, Wörnitz, in die Donau, Donauwörth, Via Claudia Augusta, Bayern, Foto Donauwörth
Ehemaliger Standort Submuntorium Burghöfe Druisheim Mertingen Lechtal, Foto Deininger
Augsburg bei Nacht, Maxstraße, Foto Regio Augsburg
Augsburg Rathausplatz, Foto Regio Augsburg, Christine Pemsl
Augsburg Goldener Saal im Rathaus, Foto Regio Augsburg
Historsche Radlergruppe Igling Ammersee, Foto Tschaikner
Landsberg Am Lech, Foto Landsberg
Lorenzberg, Epfach, Denklingen, Foto Tschaikner
Luftbild Altstadt Schongau, Foto Schongau
Bernbeuren Haslacher See Auerbergland, Foto Tschaikner
Der Lech und die berge bei Nacht in Füssen
Radfahrer in Füssen vor den Alpen in Neuschwanstein
History of the Bavarian sections

Culture of the Bavarian sections

Spending time in the Bavarian regions en route

Videos of the Bavarian sections

Literature on the Bavarian sections

Übersichtskarte Tirol

Pictures of the Tyrolean section of the cycling route

  • Sections 10 - 20

Tiroler Lech Nature Park > Vils (small town) > Reutte (market town) > Burgenwelt Ehrenberg (castles) > Plansee and Heiterwanger See lakes > Zwischentoren > Mähberg > Tiroler Zugspitz Arena > Natura 2000 Area: the Fernpass landslide landscape with seven lakes > Gurgltal valley >  Imst (town) > Oberinntal valley > Landeck (town) > Tyrolean Oberland > Kaunertal valley > Graubünden/Grisons (CH) > Nauders on the Reschenpass

Blick Vom Vogelbeobachtungsturm in Lechau, Foto Tschaikner
Burgruine Ehrenberg Morgennebel
Radweg Heiterwang Bichlbach Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, Foto Anton Vorauer
Tiroler Zugspitz Arena Panorama
Fernpass Blindsee, Foto Anton Vorauer
Fernsteinsee Schloss Fernpass
Dormitz Nassereith Richtung Fernstein
Kramergasse Imst
Kornburg Imst Schönwies
Schloss Landeck, Foto Albin Niederstrasser
Altfinstermünz Pfunds Nauders Reschenpass, Foto Lammerhuber
Nauders am Reschenpass von Oben, Foto Manuel Baldauf
Tourenradfahrer Tourenradler Vor Heimatmuseum Im Grünes Haus
History of the Tyrolean sections


Spending time



Übersichtskarte Etschtal, Reschenpass bis Trento

The Etschtal valley between the Reschenpass and Trento (South Tyrol, Trentino):

  • Sections 20 - 31

Reschenpass, Reschensee and Haidersee lakes > Mals/Malles heath > Upper Vinschgau valley > Sonnenberg mountain > Lower Vinschgau valley > Töll/Tel > Meraner Land > Burggrafenamt > the provincial capital of Bolzano/Bozen > South Tyrolean Wine Road > Kalterer See lake > Castelfeder > Salurner Klause > Piana Rotaliana > Val di Cembra and the Pinè plateau > Trento, Monte Bondone and Valle dei Laghi

Vinschgau Malser Haide
Vinschgau Schluderns Churburg
Vinschgau Abend Fußgängerzone Schlanders
Vinschgau Kastelbell Radfahrer
Sonnenhang Zwischen Naturns Und Partschins
Marling Berge Äpfel
Burg Lana
Bozen Laubengasse, Foto: Tourismusverein Bozen
Bozen Museion Fassade Brücke
Kaltern Wein See
Mezzolombardo historisches Zentrum aus der Luft
Piana Rotalina von oben
Unterirdisches Tridentum Zotta
History of the sections between the Reschenpass and Trento


Spending time



Übersichtskarte Altinate Trento Feltre Altino

The ‘Altinate’ version of the Via Claudia Augusta from Trento to Feltre and Altino near Venice (Trentino, Veneto)

  • Sections 31a(ltinate)–41a

Ecomuseo Argentario > Val di Cembra and Pinè > Upper Valsugana > Media Valsugana > Val di Sella > Bassa Valsugana  > Tesino Plateau > Senaiga Valley > Lamon and Sovramonte  at the gateway to the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park > Feltrino > Feltre (town) > Valbelluna > Praderadego Pass > Strada del Prosecco > Alta Marca > Montello and the hills of Asolo > the right shore of the Piave river > the provincial capital of Treviso > Sile Nature Park > Venice Lagoon > Jesolo (spa town) > the regional capital of Venice and Mestre

Alta Valsugana, Laghi Seen
Castello Tesino Via Claudia Augusta
Ponte Romano Lamon
Lamon Chiesa Kirche San Pietro
Vor den Dolomiten Parcon Nazionale Dolomiti
Feltre vor den Alpen
Feltre Piazza Maggiore Rad Bici
Piazza Maggiore
Feltre Area Archeologica Citta Romana
Cesiomaggiore Dal Ovest
Piave Regenstimmung Pieno Di Acqua
Prosecco Weinstraße Veneto Altamarca
Villa Veneta Villorba Veneto
Chiostro Seminario Vescovile Treviso
Castello Di Roncade
Laguna Di Venezia
Canal Grande Chiesa Della Salute E Dogana Dal Ponte Dell Accademiay
History of the sections from Trento to Feltre and Altino


Spending time



Übersichtskarte Padana Trento Verona Ostiglia Po

The ‘Padana’ version of the Via Claudia Augusta from Trento to Feltre and Ostiglia on the Po river (Veneto, Lombardia)

  • Sections 31p(adana)–39p

Northern Vallagarina > Rovereto > southern Vallagarina > Monte Bondone > Lago di Garda > Valpolicella > the provincial capital of Verona > Pianura Padana > Ostiglia > Po > Padovano > Oltre Po

 Castello Beseno Vallagarina Etschtal Valle Del Adige Trentino
Castello di Castellano Vallagarina Etschtal Valle del Adige Trentino
Panorama Rovereto
Rovereto Foto Trentino
Castello Avio Vallagarina Trentino
Dino Spuren Wand
Rivoli Veronese Verona Monte Bald
Rivoli Veronese Forte Wohlgemuth
Fumane Villa Della Torre Cazzola
Olivi In Valpolicella
Pieve San Giorgio Grande
Ponte Pietra Romana Verona
Sonnenuntergang über Arena
Isola Della Scala
Villafranca Castello Poebene Pianura
Po Ostiglia Lombardia Mantova
Ostiglia Stadt Lombardia Mantova
History of the sections from Trento to Verona and Ostiglia


Spending time



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