Cycling Relay Via Claudia Augusta
170 municipalities, nearly 1000 kilometers

Radstaffel zwischen Quarto und Altino

Every spring, groups of cyclists from 170 communities cycle along the Via Claudia Augusta from their community center to the center of the following community, where they hand over to the next community and so on. The route covers a total of 1000 km from the Danube across the Alps to the Adriatic and the river Po. In total, spread over the route, several thousand municipal representatives and citizens cycle at a leisurely pace so that everyone can join in. Each fall, sports clubs cycle the same route in 2 x 12 hours, i.e. in a sporty manner. In both spring and fall, it's all about togetherness along the route that has connected regions, places, people and their cultures for thousands of years.

FAST Cycling Relay

As was the case three times in previous years, groups of cyclists organized by the municipalities along the Via Claudia Augusta will cycle from one municipality to the next at the opening of the 2024 season. There, the following municipality takes over the baton and continues cycling. In total, the route runs from the Danube across the Alps to the Adriatic and the river Po - 1000 kilometers, 170 municipalities from the north to the south of Europe, all together thousands of fellow cyclists, ... Anyone can take part. In most places where the cycling relay stops in the evening, there is a reception to which all those interested in the Via Claudia Augusta who have not cycled along are also welcome. The cycling relay is an opportunity to get to know the Via Claudia Augusta and to meet others who live and work along the historic road. The cycling relay connects people, including those you don't meet directly, but who you know are doing the same thing on other sections of the Via Claudia Augusta ... We are all the Via Claudia Augusta.

Program Bavaria 26th - 28th of April Tyrol 3rd - 5th of May Reschenpass - Lavis/Trento 10th - 12th of May Trento - Altino/Venice ("Altinate") 17th - 19th of May Lavis/Trento - Ostiglia/Po ("Padana") 24th - 26th of May

As soon as the detailed program in the section with all handover times is fixed, it can be downloaded here. If the link does not work, this is because the program has not yet been finalized and is therefore not yet available for general download.

In addition, there will be impressions of the cycling relay in each section here after the sections have been completed.

Impressions Bavaria Tyrol Reschenpass - Lavis/Trento Lavis/Trento - Altino/Venice("Altinate") Lavis/Trento - Ostiglia/Po ("Padana")

FAST cycling relay
STAFFETTA 2 x 12:00
autumn 2023

On October 14 and 15, 2023, 14 cycling clubs each cycled a part of the Via Claudia Augusta, altogether from the Danube to the Adriatic Sea or the Po River, respectively, in only 24 hours divided into 2 days, and thus at a speed similar to that of the Roman courier riders in former times and faster than a letter is transported from Austria or Germany to Italy today. The bike couriers were not only fast, they also delivered a message, like the Roman courier riders, namely that next spring there will be again an even bigger bike relay, as it has already taken place 3 times in the past. Thereby groups of cyclists from each municipality cycle a piece of the Via Claudia Augusta to the next municipality, also altogether from the Danube to the Adriatic to the Po. Along the entire route, cultural attractions will be offered to those who are interested in cycling, but also to those who are not. Also, the even larger cycling relay along the route and internationally should draw attention to the fact that the season on the Via Claudia Augusta begins again.

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